Is WordPress Really Good for Small Businesses?

WordPress for Small Business

Small business owners only spending money on necessities and urgent matters. Many owners think that website is a luxury; some owners understand a website can promote their business strongly. But they need an affordable small business website. That’s why many experts suggest WordPress for Small Business.

Here comes the big question – Is WordPress Really Good for Small Businesses? Now we are giving 8 points, why we recommend WordPress for Small Business: 

1) Low Cost for Small Business Owners: Developing a professional quality website can be a big investment for a small business. Unlike other software platforms and website builders that charge large monthly fees, WordPress is extremely low cost  for business owners. You just decide how much or how little support you want from website design agencies.

2) Easy of Use: WordPress has a user friendly dashboard , anyone can use it very easily. WordPress offers great support for text, image or video posting, page creation, form creation, blogging, social media integration, list building and many more. All in an easy to use dashboard.

3) Search Engine Friendly: If a website doesn’t have Search Engine Optimization it never show on 1st page of Google.  But if you use WordPress for your website it’ll be very easy to Indexing your website on Google and easy to do SEO very easily.

4) All Device Friendly: Day by day number of visitors from Mobile/Sell phone are increasing. According to Statista, more than 50% visitors visit website through Sell phone. So your website must be all device friendly, otherwise  you loos your targeted visitors. But you shouldn’t worry about it if you use WordPress. Because there are lots of Premium and free Responsive (All Device Friendly) theme are available.

5) Highly CustomizableOver 5,000 themes and 30,000 plugin extensions available for WordPress. From creating simple forums to e-commerce or Inventory management systems, WordPress has plugin extensions to meet almost any situation.

In case an existing solution isn’t already in place, custom themes and plugins will allow WordPress users to create custom applications without ever touching the core software’s source code.

6) The Most Popular & Trusted CMS: WordPress holds the largest CMS (Content Management System) market share by far, and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, it’s trusted by many users.

7) Safe and Secure: WordPress is considered quite safe and secure to run any website. There are many Free and Premium plugins in it for providing security.

8) Fast, Easy & Low Cost Services: There are many fast, easy and low-cost WordPress services available to you. You just chose which one you need.



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